January 19, 2015

Image processing using MagickCore

This was a fun project that I worked on last weekend. I learned a lot of GTK programming with C and also worked with ImageMagick core C API for image processing/analysis.

App description:

C++ Program with GUI to capture using remotely placed camera and read uncompressed TIFF Image to perform following functions (Menu Driven) Use of Overloading and Morphism is expected. Image Frame1 is used for displaying Original Image and Image Frame 2 is used for displaying the action performed.

• Sharpen the Image
• Convolution(overloading: FFT,Other)
• Blur the Image (Programmable rectangular Seed)
• Programmable image Contrast and Brightness
• Histogram
• Mean and Standard Deviation of image
• Rotate image by programmable angle

Some screenshots:

Frameworks and libs used:


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  1. Please, can you give me link to the Mp3 Tag editor PHP script
    Thanks in anticipation